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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in San Diego: Breast Lifts, Face Lifts, Mommy Makeovers & More.

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The Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute is a San Diego cosmetic resource that can help you find the look you desire. With well over 16 years of specialized training alone, Board Certified La Jolla Plastic Surgeon Reza Sadrian, MD specializes in cosmetic surgical procedures of the face, breast, and body; as well as non-surgical procedures and skin care. We invite you to improve the quality of your life by allowing us to meet with you regarding which procedures are best for your personal lifestyle.

“Beauty is in the details” – such is Dr. Sadrian’s fundamental belief. Whether your interest is in plastic surgery or a skin rejuvenation procedure, or you are simply considering the possibility of a change to your appearance,  in most cases Dr. Sadrian will be pleased to offer an initial free consultation to discuss your options.  Note: if you are a non-local resident, Dr. Sadrian can arrange to consult with you via e-mail and telephone. Please see our Fly In For Surgery section for more details.

After you schedule your free consultation, Dr. Sadrian and his staff will take time to sit and talk with you.  That’s how the process begins — we listen carefully what you’re hoping to accomplish, we take a close look at your overall medical history and whether such a procedure or procedures would be wise; then we show you how the changes desired can be best achieved.

We want you to be in control of your treatment options, but we also want to work with you so that you understand the costs, the risks, the timeline for recovery and the intended result for result before you move forward with us.

“From the courteous, sweet and adorable reception / patient coordination to the extraordinarily talented doctor and nursing staff – each one of you has been so lovely, considerate and are generally wonderful as people and professionals.”
Heather, Patient, Breast Augmentation
“Dr. Sadrian, I just wanted to express my heartful thanks to you for being the wonderful doctor that you are. I can’t begin to tell you what a pleasure my whole experience has been (except for some minor pain!) You are the epitome of professionalism, perfection and genuine compassion. Thank you!”
Marilyn, Patient, Brow Lift

Breast Procedures

Several procedures including: Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction or Breast Implant Replacement / Removal.

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Mommy Makeover

The process of motherhood can take a toll on the body over time, learn more how the San Diego Mommy Makeover can help.

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Arm Lift

Find out about the nature of the arm lift, how it’s performed and the benefits that patients can expect from this procedure.

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Body Lift

Looking to totally redefine yourself? Learn about the body lift, a set of several different procedures to help improve your overall look.

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